Someday, 3D printing could let home mechanics keep any classic car on the road by creating the necessary molds or even the parts themselves in some cases. The technology is still too expensive to make that dream a widespread reality yet, but undertakings like this functional Subaru EJ20 boxer four-cylinder scale model demonstrate what could be possible.

According to the builder, this engine is 35 percent the size of what you’d find under the hood of an older Subie. However, the powerplant is still fully functional at this scale. The creator flips on an electric motor to turn the crank, and you can see the cams and pistons at work. It’s an incredibly impressive project.

The creator has a link to all the necessary files in the clip's YouTube description. The person cautions it's somewhat difficult to print, though. The tolerances are rather tight, and “the crankshaft might take some tweaking to get it right.” The same builder also has a Toyota 22RE engine scale model, which is apparently a little easier for novice builders.

In the future, 3D printing could revolutionize many industries, but imagine how much fun it could be for model makers. Instead of getting a kit from Tamiya or Revell, you could download the files and print all the parts at home. People could also tweak and trade the designs, which could mean some amazing custom creations.

Via: Jalopnik