Florida teens flee bullets after trespassing in the early hours.

It's starting to feel like Pokémon Go is taking over the world. Its almost got to the point that you can't move without bumping into someone staring at their 'phone screen, searching for the next Pokestop. Even on the Nurburgring.

And it's constantly in the news, too, as more and more incidents involving people playing the game are reported, like the teenager who was knocked over by a car while playing. The latest comes from Florida, where a man reportedly shot at two players outside his house.

According to a spokesman from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, noise coming from outside woke the man around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. He saw a car sat outside his house, got a handgun and approached the car.

On seeing the man, the two teens jumped in the car fled at speed, while shots were fired after them. Later that morning, the mother of one of the teens discovered a flat tire and several bullet holes in the car and called the authorities.

When interviewed by deputies, the homeowner gave a different account, saying he awoke to a loud noise outside. He saw a white car outside his home with the brake lights showing, so he picked up his gun. As he approached the car, he heard someone say something along the lines of "Did you get anything?" He then stood in front of the car and said not to move, but it accelerated towards him. He got out of the way and started shooting after the car.

The Sheriff's Office spokesman said the investigation is ongoing. The video above supposedly shows the incident occurring.

There's a lesson to learn here: don't trespass on someone's property while playing Pokémon Go, especially not in the early hours, in a residential area.