Russian YouTube user goes on a Pokemon hunt in a BMW M3 Ring Taxi.

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm and it seems not even the mighty Green Heel is invincible to the invasion of these virtual creatures. Case in point, Russian YouTuber Boosted Boris decided to hop into the passenger seat of a BMW M3 Sedan Ring Taxi and take a cruise on the famed Nurburgring for a Pokemon hunt.

There aren’t that many of the rarer Pokemon on the Nordschleife, but Boosted Boris was able to capture some of Nintendo’s cute Pocket Monsters. If you’ve seen recent news, you probably have reached the conclusion this Pokemon Go craze is getting a bit out of hand. Most likely, this won’t be the last car-related story you’ll hear about the game, but at least we just hope there won’t be any more incidents involving by distracted players.

If the BMW M3 Sedan is not your weapon of choice for a Pokemon adventure on the 12.94-mile ‘Ring, maybe the recently added Jaguar F-Type SVR will do the trick. You really don’t need a super-fast car for the hunt, so it doesn’t really matter what sort of vehicle you’re using. At the end of the day what really matters is that you “gotta catch ‘em all,” right?