Techart bodykits are often, err, challenging. Witness its efforts with the Cayenne and Panamera. But the additions made to the 991 Turbo S to turn it into the new GTstreet R are different. Because they look fantastic, even under camouflage.

There's a heavy dose of 991 GT3 RS in the GTstreet R. At the front, the intake between the trunk lid and front bumper is lifted straight from the GT3 RS, albeit quite a bit larger. The intakes in the bumper itself appear to be as-per the standard Turbo S, though the splitter looks bigger.

The GT3 RS influence is most obvious in the front fenders, which have extractor vents in the top and down the trailing edge. Both front and rear fenders are considerably wider than standard too, suggesting the suspension has been reworked with a broader track.

The rear bumper is completely new, with bigger vents and a quartet of tail pipes mounted towards the middle, rather than the corners as on the standard car. And then there's that crazy bi-level spoiler. It looks like something that would have graced a Porsche 935 racer back in the Seventies when experiments with aerodynamics produced some truly insane spoiler configurations.

It's a fair bet that Techart has tuned the engine in the GTstreet R; it already has a kit that boosts the 3.8-litre, twin-turbo flat-six to 620 horsepower, but that surely wouldn't be enough for a car with bodywork this extreme? Even is, in standard form, it will crack the 0 to 60 miles-per-hour sprint in rather less than three seconds, and top 205 mph.

We'll find out more when Techart unveils the GTstreet R later this year.


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