The engineering team shows up early to check out the supercar's aerodynamics.

Ford doesn't start customer deliveries of the GT until the end of the year, and the engineering team continues to refine the supercar’s shape in the wind tunnel. In a new video, the Blue Oval shows off the process of perfecting the GT’s aerodynamics.

At this point, the GT is nearing the end of development and is now in pre-production verification. These 124-mile-per-hour (200-kilometer-per-hour) wind tunnel tests make sure that the company’s computer-based aerodynamic design actually works in the real world. “The prime reason we come to the tunnel is to get the actual physical data on the vehicle,” Ford engineering supervisor Nick Terzes said in the video.

The GT’s body includes a ton of little tricks to direct air exactly where the engineers want it. This video shows the flaps in the lower front fascia activating and the adaptive rear wing. The supercar’s bevy of arches and flying buttresses make it look like a gothic cathedral for driving down the road.

While Ford doesn’t mind talking about the GT’s development, there are still some major mechanical questions about the supercar. For example, the Blue Oval still doesn’t publicly admit how much power its 3.5-liter biturbo V6 produces. The company confirms the figure is above 600 horsepower, and Forza Motorsport 6 puts the number at 630 hp (469 kilowatts) and 539 pound-feet (730 Newton-meters). However it's possible in the time since the game's release last year, the engineers could have found a few more horses.

Source: Ford

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