The Ford F-150 continued to head sales charts in June, despite an attack ad campaign for the Chevrolet Silverado that called into question the Ford's durability.

The Silverado's June market share of 26.7 percent was the largest posted since January this year. Yet it was still comprehensively beaten by the Ford F-150, which took a 38.1% share. 

Chevrolet's ads started on June 8 and showed concrete blocks being dropped into the beds of both the Silverado and the F-150. The Chevy's steel bed apparently withstood the onslaught better than the Ford's aluminium bed.

Year-on-year, Silverado sales fell by 3.7% compared to June 2015. However, Chevrolet deems the campaign a success. According to company spokesman Jim Cain, around 10% of June's Silverado buyers had previously owned an F-150.

Cain added that retail sales grew 1.9% in June to 27.7% over May's figure, while the F-150 share of retail buyers fell 0.7% to 34.5%. Although that number was some 41% higher than June last year.

Ford countered that fleet sales were up 40% in June, maintaining the F-150's position as the best-selling fleet vehicle in the USA. Across the F-Series range, Ford secured the highest share of full-size pick-up sales since January 2015, shifting more than 70,000 units.

Ford hasn't responded to Chevrolet's attacks in its own advertising. It would probably argue the sale figures say everything that needs saying.

Source: Automotive News