Another day, another crash.

Another Tesla Model X has reportedly crashed while in Autopilot mode.

According to Tesla Motors Club member Eresan, his friend was driving a Model X in Montana over the weekend when it's Autopilot system failed to notice wooden posts on the side of the road.  As a result, the crossover reportedly hit more than 20 of them at speeds of approximately 60 miles per hour. This caused extensive damage to the vehicle and reportedly resulted in the front passenger side wheel being ripped off.

The report is hard to verify but fellow Tesla Motors Club member Mark Z did some digging on Google Maps and found the possible location of where the accident occurred.  As he noted, the lane marking in the area are faded and the location is on a fairly isolated two-lane road.

These conditions aren't particularly well suited for using Autopilot and Tesla has warned drivers that "Many unforeseen circumstances can impair the operation" of the system so "always drive attentively and be prepared to take immediate action."  Autoguide also notes Tesla warns Autopilot should not be used on roads without a center divider which is what apparently occurred in this incident.

Source: Tesla Motors Club via Autoguide

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