The Lamborghini Murcielago may have four-wheel-drive and hugely wide tires, but when those tires are so low profile they look painted on, they're not actually that much use on a soaking wet road.

The Russian owner of this chrome-wrapped Murcielago discovered as much when his car aquaplaned and span into a highway divider, even though he was only travelling at fairly modest speed. Ultra-low profile tyres don't have that much tread, you see, so it doesn't take much standing water to turn a very expensive supercar into a very expensive toboggan. Heading straight to the scene of the accident.

When this video first surfaced, there were suggestions it's fake, as the Lambo appears to be filmed in high-definition when the video is quite low resolution. But that's an optical illusion caused by the reflectiveness of the chrome wrap. Even on a dull and rainy day, the Murcielago picks up light like it's under studio lights.

Though the impact looks pretty hard, swiping off most of the front end, it seems everyone walked anyway unharmed. And kudos to the Citroen driver who takes a hefty hit from the errant Lambo and manages to stay in control, rather than pile into the divider as well.