Honda might be working on several different versions of the NSX – sold in the United States as the Acura NSX, according to a new report. The Japanese sports car is described as a worthy upgrade for those who currently have a Porsche 911 by the company, and apparently an even more powerful and lighter Type R model is planned.

Speaking to Autocar, NSX project boss Ted Klaus said any Type R Honda needs to be “the most focused version of any platform” and the base NSX had been intentionally over-engineered, so that faster, lighter versions and different powertrains could also be developed on the same platform.

Speaking of even more focused versions of the machine, Klaus commented that lightweight materials are “the general direction we wish to go” with the NSX and a “more pure, simplified version” was “in some ways more straightforward.” He added that there is “an appetite for it” within the automaker.

An all-electric NSX is also a possibility, as Klaus explained the company entered such a car at this year’s Pikes Peak to investigate torque vectoring, while also testing battery durability and power electronics. “There are other technical issues to solve, but that’s why we had one there,” he said.

What about an NSX convertible? “We can dream one day about it losing its top,” Klaus commented.

Currently, Honda is taking orders for the car in Europe with prices starting at $196,330 (€180,000) in Germany and at $180,400 (£130,000) in the United Kingdom. The Ohio-assembled vehicle will also reach the Australian market late this year.

Source: Autocar