You were jumping cars in GTA anyway. Why not do it on some cool tracks?

Grand Theft Auto is already a fantastic video game for setting up crazy automotive stunts and wild races. The developers at Rockstar are now taking that action even further in the upcoming Cunning Stunts pack for GTA Online. These new tracks look like a lot of fun, and you can start competing with your friends on Tuesday, July 12.

Rather than adhering to realism, the new stunt races use the games varied landscape for massive tracks that include big loops, huge jumps, and multiple pathways.Sometimes the courses even take players upside down. The events aren't just about setting a fast time, though, because there are also hazards to avoid. For example, there are spinning blades and giant bowling pins just in the trailer.

There are multiple classes to pick from, including supercars, sports cars and motorcycles. According to Rockstar the tracks adjust depending on which one you choose, but the trailer also shows bikes and trucks racing together. It's common in GTA for the vehicles to be near copies to what's available in the real world, and that's definitely the case here. One rally car looks nearly identical to an Audi Sport Quattro, and another has a striking resemblance to a Lancia Stratos.

Source: Rockstar Games