When you crash your car, the least you can hope for is that all the safety systems work properly. Recent problems with Takata airbags may have shaken confidence and now you can add issues with certain Chevrolet seatbelts to the list of safety concerns.

The National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall for Chevrolet SS and Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit models, due to a fault with the seatbelt tensioner cable.

According to a bulletin issued by the NHTSA, the action of the driver getting into and out of the car may bend the cable over the seat side shield. Repeated many times, it could cause the cable to fatigue and separate. As a result, it may not tighten the seatbelt properly in the event of an impact, increasing the risk of injury to the driver.

The affected cars are 2014 to 2016 model year SS and Caprice PP sedans. In the case of the SS, that means cars manufactured between May 14, 2013 and April 27, 2016. Caprices built between May 14, 2013 and June 14, 2016 are affected.

Both cars are built at General Motors’ Holden factory in Australia and are based on the rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform.

Once the recall starts, dealers will inspect the affected cars for signs of damage. Any cables that need replacing will be switched for a new design with altered seat trim and cable housing opening. Any that aren’t damaged will be fitted with a cable guide that should prevent the problem from occurring.

General Motors will notify owners of affected cars in due course, but has yet to announce a schedule for doing so. Repairs will be carried out free of charge. Click the link below to find out more.

Just remember that, if you do drive one of these vehicles, this is no excuse to not wear your seatbelt. Having some chance of survival is better than no chance.

Source: NHTSA