Customers can also decide how they want the supercar's carbon fiber to look.

Now that Ford is done accepting applications for the new GT, some of the 500 lucky customers can start the exciting process of picking the finishes for their perfect supercar. The Blue Oval is ready to meet the wealthy buyers' needs by offering a variety of trim options on the coupe, including eight exterior colors. 

The GT comes standard with carbon ceramic rotors and black six-piston, monobloc calipers from Brembo. However if buyers want to add a pop of color, Ford also offers the stoppers in silver, blue, orange, and red. The brighter shades bring out the discs' textured appearance. 

The colorful brakes should look great with the GT's optional carbon fiber wheels. The 20-inch units save around two pounds each over the stock forged aluminum parts. The choice between a matte or gloss finish on them gives customers one more decision for their new supercar.

Buyers also have big choices to make inside. For example, the instrument panel is carbon fiber, and customers can pick whether they want a matte or gloss finish. Alternatively, they can also order it painted Shadow Black. Whatever color the client specifies for the seat backs also shows up on trim for the passenger side, too.

The first customers should take delivery of their GTs by the end of 2016, and we can't wait to see how they option the supercars. If you aren't on Ford's list to get one or don't have the $400,000 to spend, there's still the option of playing with the configurator to customize your own GT.

Source: Ford

Gallery: Ford GT Colors and Brake Options

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Colors and materials have been strategically chosen and placed in Ford GT to further define the high-performance character of the all-new supercar
Use of color highlights the innovative details found throughout Ford GT; Brembo brake calipers are available in five colors for the first time at Ford, while different coating options for carbon fiber components offer customers decidedly distinctive looks
Exterior palette offers bright, vivid colors that transcend time and pay homage to Ford’s racing heritage, including luscious Liquid Blue, which debuted to much acclaim at the 2015 North American International Auto Show

DEARBORN, Mich., July 6, 2016 – The innovation and technology showcased in the design of the Ford GT is mirrored in the color and material choices for the all-new supercar.

Ford designers used color strategically throughout to highlight areas of innovation and to enhance the aesthetic of efficiency and performance.

“We walked a fine line with the color and materials in this vehicle – infusing energy through use of color and balance while working to ensure the raw appeal of a performance car still shines through,” says Barb Whalen, Ford design manager, color and materials. “Everything in the all-new Ford GT was intentionally designed to express ultimate performance.”

The application of carbon fiber – traditionally used as a decorative element in performance vehicles – is employed as a structural component in the Ford GT, and serves as a visual anchor of the supercar’s lightweight construction.

In the cabin, carbon fiber is visible across the instrument panel, while different top coating options for the exterior allow customers to choose from gloss, matte or Shadow Black paint to cover the exposed carbon fiber trim. The options provide for a more personalized look and feel to the car – whether the customer is looking to express a pure appreciation for racing, a solid performance aesthetic or a more aggressive attitude in general.

For the first time at Ford, color combinations include customizable Brembo brake calipers. In addition to the standard six-piston, monobloc anodized black calipers with carbon ceramic rotors, upgrades include Silver, Blue, Orange and Red.

Ford GT’s carbon ceramic discs are exceptionally lightweight – more than 50 percent lighter than similar cast-iron ones. The brake system – which derives its technology from the application of carbon in Formula One brake discs – is designed for low fluid displacement, which improves pedal feel and stiffness. The integrated cooling system has been optimized by Ford and Brembo to perform brilliantly under various conditions.

“The all-new Ford GT represents the pinnacle American supercar,” says Dan Sandberg, president and CEO, Brembo North America. “Likewise, the exceedingly high standards and innovative technology incorporated into our high-performance Brembo brake system will only add to the overall driving enjoyment.”

Throughout the interior, color is used sparingly, subtly making its way onto the car’s seat backs – a feature visible from the outside. On the passenger side, a matching hue on the two-tier instrument panel creates a visual balance in the tight cabin upon opening the door.

The cabin’s satin finishes and colors intensify as they move toward the passenger side of the car – helping to minimize distraction for the driver. 

Form follows function in the all-new supercar, with no detail overlooked by the designers. The horizontal ribbing on the seats, for example, adds visual width to a narrow space, while the Alcantara® fabric covering was chosen both for its upscale feel and lighter weight.

Suggested color combinations and themes are available to coordinate interior and exterior hues, brake calipers and racing stripes. The exterior palette offers eight bright colors – a nod to Ford’s racing heritage. One of these is luscious Liquid Blue, a color that debuted to much buzz at the 2015 North American International Auto Show.

“These colors aren’t trendy, because Ford GT isn’t a trendy car,” says Whalen. “It is a classic – a veritable race car for the road.”