It's a sad irony that hypercars designed to be driven as fast as is technically and physically possible usually spend the vast majority of their lives parked up in a vault-like garage. So it's heartening to know that one hypercar owner is using his McLaren P1 as a daily driver.

Go Hiramatsu is a Tokyo, Japan-based lawyer, who uses his bright green P1 every day for the commute to work. Along Metropolitan Expressway No.2, so he can "let loose a bit." When there's nearly 1000 horsepower to play with, you can probably guess what that bit of understatement actually means...

Hiramatsu-san, also the owner of a McLaren 650S, gives his car a proper run at weekends, as well. He's a regular at Fuji Speedway, where he's reached nearly 190mph on the long start/finish straight - "Looking at the speedometer, I sometimes wonder whether it's really okay to be doing this!"

He often goes for an early-morning blast along the Hakone Turnpike, otherwise known as 'Japan's Nurburgring'. And he's always the centre of attention when he goes to a car meet.

It's great to see someone who's prepared to use a hypercar as its maker intended, not keep it under lock and key in the hope that its value will go up. Personally, I'd do exactly the same thing. Well, when you spend a million dollars on something, you want you money's worth from it.