The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer and its little brother the Active Tourer are the least exciting members of the German brand's lineup because of their boring styling and lack of performance. While they don't inspire much enthusiasm, the hatchbacks still have enough power bite a driver who pushes them too hard around a corner. To see a perfect example, just watch this huge slide by a Gran Tourer on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The driver comes into the left-hand kink at high speed, and there's a slower right turn ahead. A tap of the brakes and a turn of the wheel executes a classic Scandinavian Flick. The 2 Series Gran Tourer then slides around the corner with a cacophony of squealing tires and wisps of smoke coming off them. 

The tail-out maneuver certainly earns style points, but we doubt the move happens on purpose. As the 2 Series Gran Tourer slides out of view, the driver still doesn't appear to be entirely in control. The hatchback then drives up the next hill at more cautious speeds, which also suggests this drift might be a display more of luck than of skill.

Look closely and notice the Taxi sign on the roof. It's possible the owner might just have a good sense of humor about taking such an unexpected vehicle around the Nordschleife. However if this person actually is a cab driver, we hope the passengers know what they are getting into when they take a ride with this driver around the 'Ring.

Via: BMW Blog