Jay Leno has quite a treat for Shelby Mustang fans because the latest trip into his garage has the comedian checking out two takes on the GT350-H rent-a-racer from Hertz. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the idea is pretty simple: let people experience a tuned performance car – even for just a weekend.

The latest GT350-H turns up the heat on the Mustang GT. Customers don't get the 5.2-liter V8 with a flat-plane crank from the regular GT350, but a cat-back exhaust upgrades the 5.0-liter's sound. The Ford Racing Handling Pack improves cornering by adding new sway bars, retuned dampers, and lower springs. The coupes also wear a ventilated hood and carbon fiber front splitter for a meaner looks, and all 140 of them come in a combination of black with gold stripes. They're available for $399 a day from 17 locations in the United States, and Hertz eventually plans to sell these units to the public after it's done renting them.

While the 2016 GT350-H is cool, Jay admits part of the reason for checking it out is the opportunity to drive an original from 1966. Owner Daniel Swana is the most charismatic guest on the show in ages. He's full of great stories and knowledge about these rare coupes. Once the guys hit the road, Jay doesn't push the Shelby too much, which makes sense because it's not his vehicle. Instead, he and Swana just cruise some back roads and talk about old cars. It's a great conversation and well worth checking out.