James Glickenhaus was allegedly an advisor to this group.

Low sales and an alleged inability to add side curtain airbags are sending the Dodge Viper into retirement very soon. However, The Truth About Cars reports the V10 beast was pretty close to getting a new lease on life from a group of outside investors.

Noted car collector and hypercar builder James Glickenhaus allegedly consulted with the potential buyers. “A private group wanted to buy Viper and approached FCA who were receptive. This private group asked me for advice and I gave it to them,” he told The Truth About Cars.

The deal reportedly would have given the investors not just the rights to the Viper but also the Connor Avenue factory that built it. “A deal was not reached. They did have the resources to do the deal but in the end decided not to,” Glickenhaus told The Truth About Cars. He apparently advised the buyers not to go through with the purchase, but he didn’t know what prompted their final decision not to.

The latest Viper struggled for years before Fiat Chrysler Automobiles finally pulled the plug.  For example, the company stopped production for months on two occasions in 2014. The company tried knocking $15,000 off the price, but the strategy didn’t do enough. FCA also attempted to make the Viper more special by offering the opportunity to make each one unique, but the added exclusivity didn’t work either.

The Viper might have a future, though. Sergio Marchionne hinted that FCA might revive the model eventually, but the new one would share a platform with an existing vehicle. A V10 might not be under the hood, though, which would rob the Viper of sports car’s most famous features.

Source: The Truth About Cars

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