Daniil Kvyat was lucky to walk away from a high-speed accident in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix after yet another suspension failure at the Red Bull Ring.

The Toro Rosso driver was on a quick lap towards the end of the Q1 segment when his right rear suspension failed on the exit of Turn 8.

His car was pitched into a spin and he was fortunate not to collide side on with the pitlane entry wall.

Instead, the front of the car swiped the tyre barrier at the end of it and he spun across the gravel trap before ending up at the wall.

Kvyat's suspension failure will be of big concern to teams though because it was the third such problem that has hit a driver on Saturday.

In final practice, Nico Rosberg was pitched in to a crash at Turn 2 after his left rear suspension failed on the exit of Turn 2.

Earlier in Q1, Sergio Perez suffered a right rear suspension failure but was able to return to the pits for repairs.

The incidents come on a weekend when there has been much focus on the damage being caused by sausage kerbs that have been added to the circuit to deter drivers from running wide.

Max Verstappen was outspoken about them on Friday after he suffered a broken front wing and then later a front suspension failure after clouting the kerbs at Turn 5.

Source: Motorsport.com

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