We wonder how the driver managed to do this.

In case you were wondering, the Ferrari LaFerrari is not good at rock crawling. You can think a hyper car owner from the annual Ferrari Cavalcade for proving the coupe’s lack of off-road ability.

While driving through the Dolomites, this Prancing Horse somehow knocked over a restaurant’s sign and came to a stop on top of a boulder. It also did some damage to a nearby car, and the hit was hard enough to cause the hyper car’s airbags to deploy. The YouTube description reports no injuries in the accident, though. 

The longer you watch this video, the worse things get for the Ferrari. From a distance, this just looks like a bizarre accident, but closer inspection shows the serious damage to the coupe. When the tow truck arrives to haul the LaFerrari away, there’s a cacophony of grinding and screeching, which sounds very expensive to repair. The damage is severe, but skilled Ferrari technicians could probably bring it back to roadworthy condition, assuming the owner has a healthy enough bank account or a good insurance policy.

A word of warning, the guys filming this clip use some explicit language. There’s enough of it that you might not want to watch this video at work.

Via: Jalopnik