The original model had 68 hp and a wheelbase that smaller than the current Fit.

Honda is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Accord by taking a look back at its most popular model in America.

Originally introduced in June of 1976, the Accord was billed as a fun and fuel-efficient three-door hatchback.  The original model has little in common with today's car as it featured 68 horsepower and a wheelbase that smaller than the current Fit.

The Accord got off to a slow start but in the past forty years, the model has grown into one off the most popular vehicles in the United States.  The company has sold more than 12.7 Accords in American and a vast majority of them have been produced at Honda facilities in the United States.

Honda is particular proud of its U.S. production the company notes it was the first Japanese automaker to produce a vehicle in America.  The company also became the first Japanese automaker to export a U.S.-made model overseas.

In a statement, American Honda Motor Company executive vice president John Mendel said "The Accord embodies the challenging spirit of Honda and our commitment to delivering innovative products to our customers of the highest quality, reliability and value."

Source: Honda


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