Romain Dumas scored a one-two punch of automotive victories in June by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans one weekend and scoring victory at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb just a week later. While just reading about that accomplishment is interesting, seeing it provides a much better perspective. Thankfully, there's now a video from the front of Dumas' Honda-powered Norma M20 prototype that shows his fastest run up the mountain. 

This clip's simplicity makes it enthralling. There's no music or editing; the camera just points forward and shows Dumas' sprint from the bottom to the top. Not only do you get to see the course's complexity, but this is also a perfect chance to watch how the landscape transitions from a forest at the start to a boulder-strewn mountaintop at the finish line.

Dumas showed mastery over the mountain this year. Just two days after winning Le Mans, he was already there practicing. He first scored the provisional pole and then won the event with a time of 8 minutes 51.445 seconds. Dumas makes the victory look effortless in this clip because he always appears to be in absolute control. It's an amazing performance and well worth watching the whole thing.

Via: Road & Track