Aftermarket specialists at Edo Competition certainly know a thing or two about Porsches as over the years they have launched a plethora of upgrades for a wide variety of models from the 911 range. The company’s CEO Edo Karabegovic is a huge fan of the brand and he actually bought no less than three units of the mighty 918 Spyder. Now, Edo is introducing a carbon fiber sport package for one of the most desirable Porsches to see the light of production day in recent years, the 991 GT3 RS.

It can be had with either a glossy or a matte finish and brings numerous new elements, including the air outlets of the front fenders and the air intake of the rear side panel. The side mirror caps can receive a similar finish while the winglets and the rear cover air intake can benefit from the carbon fiber treatment as well. Edo also dips the rear spoiler’s wings and struts in carbon and can tweak the steering wheel and seatbelts to match the exterior upgrades.

The carbon fiber package is more than just eye candy as it also shaves off some weight compared to a standard 991 GT3 RS which tips the scales at 1,420 kilograms (3,130 pounds). The diet is probably not significant enough to improve the car’s acceleration, but that doesn’t really matter since the standard model is already an absolute rocket, sprinting to 62 mph (100 kph) in as little as 3.3 seconds and topping out at 193 mph (310 kph).

If you would rather have something even more hardcore, Porsche is cooking up a possible 911 GT3 RS 4.2 which will come with a beefier engine and other upgrades. It will likely be out before the year’s end and you can imagine it will be even more expensive than the $175,900 regular model.

Source: Edo Competition

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