New cars will be much more difficult to drive.

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier is convinced fans will quickly come to love 2017's faster Formula 1 cars, despite concerns that the increase in downforce will not improve the racing.

F1 teams have agreed for a revamp of the technical regulations for next year which will result in cars being wider, with better aerodynamics and bigger tyres.

It is hoped that the tweaks will not only make lap times up to five seconds quicker, but will also make the cars much more difficult to drive.

Boullier thinks that the challenge thrown down to drivers is one they will all relish – and the knock-on positive feedback from them will make everyone support the new cars.

“I think generally it will be a good step because the drivers will enjoy more driving the car,” Boullier told

“I remember 10 years ago the drivers who were racing in GP2, when they went to F1 they went 'wow'.

"We miss that a little bit now, and I think we need to make the car a little bit more difficult to drive, with more downforce, more grip, and more cornering speed.

“The drivers will enjoy it more, and if the drivers enjoy it, the fans will enjoy it.”

Responding to the suggestion that it would be hard for fans to notice cars going a few seconds per lap quicker, Boullier said: “I agree with you.

“You won't see a difference in speed, but the fact the drivers are happier, and will be able to attack more, means there will be more and more wheel-to-wheel racing, and then you make the fans happier.”

Interview by Jacobo Vega


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