A rather humble Civic Wagovan is not what you would call the most suitable Gymkhana material, but that didn’t matter to the folks from Car Bros as they took the little Honda to show Ken Block how it’s done. It has all the ingredients that you’d expect from a Gymkhana video, but with extra stuff such as the Grand Theft Auto references, R/C cars, as well as a drone which for some reason is attacking the driver.

A satirical take on Block’s videos, the “Gympkhana” video puts a third-gen Civic at the forefront of the action, but the car seems to be suffering from multiple personalities. If you listen closely, at one point you can hear the roar of what seems to be a naturally-aspirated V8 engine, but in the same video you’ll also hear a turbocharger.

It’s not the first Gymkhana parody out there, but it’s probably the best one yet. You can really tell the people behind Car Bros put a lot of effort into creating a very accurate low-budget reproduction of those splashy Hoonigan videos. The clever jokes which you may or may not spot right away after seeing the video for the first time are probably the icing on the cake.

You can check out more of Car Bros’ work at the source link below.

Source: Car Bros (YouTube)