Fresh images of the Tesla Model 3 are popping up online, including two beauty shots from the Golden Gate Bridge area.

Tesla sent a prototype of the Model 3 to take part in a photo shoot at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area a while back and some folks were lucky enough to be on location at that time. They took a few beauty shots of the car and thankfully posted the images on imgur for everyone to check out. Keep in mind that what you’re seeing is not the final design of the all-electric sedan, since Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said at the beginning of the month the final design will be ready within the next six weeks.

The top brass at Tesla also mentioned the company has plans to host a “big” event for the Model 3 before the end of the year and probably that’s when we will all see the production version. With close to 400,000 reservations so far, you can imagine there are a lot of people anxious to take a look at the $35,000 electric sedan’s final appearance. “Final” might not be the correct word to use taking into account Musk said that if any interesting ideas will emerge, these will be implemented in later versions of the car.


While the exterior design probably won’t be significantly modified for the 2018MY production car, chances are the interior will go through more important changes. This all-black prototype shows us a very simple cabin with a massive landscape-oriented central screen and a cheap-looking steering wheel. Things will change in time for the production version and we are expecting a more sophisticated look, but obviously not on par with the much more expensive Model S and Model X.

Source: ‎Detlef Knobloch‎DatCode, 

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