Will likely be introduced at the beginning of 2017.

During last year’s Finali Mondiali at Mugello, Ferrari unveiled the 488 GTE and GT3 race cars and now it seems the prancing horse is getting ready to unleash its next track beast, the mighty 488 Challenge. A test mule was spotted the other day going all out on the legendary Monza track and most likely Ferrari was testing the Challenge set to receive its world premiere at the beginning of next year. That being said, we are not excluding the possibility of seeing are it as early as December during the Finali Mondiali at Daytona in United States.

With this being a test mule, it’s hard to point out any details about the car, other than the fact that it sounds rather underwhelming for a track-only Ferrari. As it’s the case with the GTE and GT3, the new Challenge is probably powered by an adaptation of the biturbo 3.9-liter V8 engine found inside the road-going 488 GTB.

It’s too early to talk about performance, but you can imagine it’s going to be faster around Ferrari’s Fiorano track than the 458 Challenge which can do a lap in 1 minute and 16.5 seconds.

The latest gossip indicates Ferrari will have the new race car ready for next year’s Challenge series and apparently the folks from Maranello are already taking orders for the 488 Challenge.