Say hello to America's least expensive convertible.

If you're going to buy a Smart, take my advice: buy the convertible. Sliding the roof back only amplifies the whole small-car-in-the-big-city experience, and it's actually a lot of fun to drive these days, thanks to a more powerful engine and a new (real) transmission. Plus, it's not super expensive – at $18,900, it'll be the cheapest convertible in the United States when it goes on sale later this year.

Of course, that's more coin than you'll spend on a larger, more practical hatchback like, oh, a Honda Fit. But if you only have eyes for the Smart, rest easy knowing the new one is a pretty plucky little runabout, perfect for city commutes. The convertible's easy peasy to use, too – electronically operated, it slides back in just 12 seconds flat and can be fully opened or closed at any speed.

That $18,900 starting price buys you a Passion trim with a five-speed manual transmission. If you want the six-speed Twinamic dual-clutch automatic, that'll be $19,890 (neither price includes $750 for destination). From there, Smart will let you upgrade to Prime and Proxy trims, so yes, things can get rather expensive rather quickly. Consider this: a base Passion starts at $18,900, which is $2,760 more than the equivalent hardtop model. So if a loaded Proxy coupe starts at $18,480, a Cabrio should be somewhere around $21,240, if that price increase remains true across all models.

Still, prospective Smart buyers will be, um, smart to look at the ForTwo Cabrio. If you're already willing to spend a bit of cash on a fun little lifestyle car, why not live a little and shell out for the one that's even more fun?


Source: Smart USA

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