Pagani introduced the Revolucion back in 2013 as a culmination of the epic Zonda. The track-only beast was supposed to be the model’s last hurrah, but that didn’t happen as Pagani had no other way but to keep the Zonda alive to meet demand. Since then, several other one-offs have been built, including a lovely 760 Roadster fitted with a manual transmission and the ZoZo which was similar to Lewis Hamilton’s 760 LH. Now, another one has emerged and it’s called “MD.”

We don’t know if the owner is a doctor, but Prototype Zero mentions the unique Zonda has received this moniker after his initials. He wanted the car with an entirely visible carbon fiber body featuring a thin layer of ink blue paint which has also been applied on that massive rear wing. As you can see, the Zonda MD rides on matte black wheels with black brake calipers and has a number of aero bits and pieces, including a roof-mounted air scoop.

Just like the aforementioned 760 Roadster, the new MD comes with a manual transmission which means the owner is a true enthusiast. As a matter of fact, PZ says the car is actually being used for “long and fast journeys.”

We notice the blue carbon finish theme of the exterior continues inside the cabin where the seats are dressed in brown leather and beige Alcantara. In some of the attached pics you can see AMG’s reputable 7.3-liter V12 naturally-aspirated engine which in the regular Zonda 760 delivers 760 hp (559 kW).

For a car that originally came out in 1999, it’s impressive to see that after 17 years people that can afford such masterpieces are still interested in one, even though Pagani has been selling the Huayra for quite some time. There’s even a hardcore Huayra BC now, but for some the Zonda is the one to have.


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