Bertha Benz and Roy Lunn will also be honored.

The Automotive Hall of Fame has revealed its inductees for 2016.

One of the most notable is former Ford CEO Alan Mulally who presided over the company from 2006 to 2014. Credited with helping to revive the automotive, Mulally led the company to "19 consecutive quarters of profitability, developed the strongest product lineup in Ford’s history, and embarked upon the company’s most ambitious global expansion in the past half century."

Mulally will be joined by safety advocate Ralph Nader who famously published the book Unsafe at Any Speed which heavily criticized the first-generation Chevrolet Corvair.  His activism helped to establish the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1970.

The third inductee is retired engineer Roy Lunn.  While his name might not ring a bell, he helped to develop "numerous historically important cars" including the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) and the Le Mans winning Ford GT40.

The last introduction award will be presented posthumously to Bertha Benz who was the wife and business partner of automobile inventor Carl Benz. She famously completed one the first long distance trips in an automobile and garnered a significant amount of publicity for the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

This year's ceremony takes place at Detroit's Cobo Center on July 21st and tickets to the black tie event start at $600.

Source: Automotive Hall of Fame