The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed showed yet again how exciting cars can be. Few events there were as entertaining as the runs up the famous hillclimb. For those that couldn’t be in the United Kingdom to watch the action in person, the organizers ran a spectacular livestream. However, if you missed that, Motor1 has rounded up some of our favorite clips from this year’s automotive extravaganza.

In the clip above, take a brief look at Jaguar’s F-Pace stunt team. These guys get the new crossover on two wheels and then perform tricks while hanging out the door. Doing a handstand on a moving vehicle can’t be easy and would require a massive amount of trust between the driver and acrobat.

Next, there are three clips showing that the Festival of Speed is about fun just as much as it focuses on going fast. In one video, Ben Collins appears accidentally to spin his Ford F-150 Raptor on the wet track, but then he has some fun doing big drifts in the pickup. In another clip, Ken Block gets behind the wheel of his custom Fiesta to perform some very impressive donuts. Vaughn Gittin Jr. also just keeps going after ripping the rear bumper off his Mustang in the middle of a slide.

We return to Jaguar for the fourth video below where an XJR12 Group C racer shows that things don’t always go perfectly at the hillclimb. In the middle of a high-speed run, the coupe suddenly loses a front wheel and has to abandon the attempt.

Finally, there is the quickest run up the hill at the 2016 Festival of Speed. This highly modified Subaru Impreza boasts an astounding 780 horsepower. A massive rear wing and huge chin spoiler produce plenty of downforce, too. The extra muscle and equally significant aerodynamic overhaul let the driver hustle the Subie through the course quicker than a McLaren P1 LM.