In addition to his weekly Jay Leno's Garage YouTube videos, the denim-clad comedian has a show on CNBC where he leaves his massive collection to go on other automotive adventures. For a recent episode, Leno had the unique experience of having a massive crash while riding with a childhood hero.

The Hemi Under Glass is among the most famous classic drag racers. The Plymouth Barracuda lost its front-mounted engine and instead a V8 replaced the rear seats. The team at Hurst thought the novel design would make for lightning-quick times at the strip. However, the car had so much muscle that it simply lifted the front wheels and did a wheelie down the track. The crowd loved the spectacle, though.

Leno had a more exciting ride with Riggle in the Hemi Under Glass than the host likely ever could have imagined. The car did its wheel stand with no problem, but things got messy when Riggle tried to turn around. Drag racers don’t handle too well, and this one just tips over. Riggle and Leno roll a couple times but come to a stop sitting on the wheels.

While the guys were clearly shaken afterward, neither of them sustained injuries. However, the accident could have been much more serious. The slow-motion footage showed that Leno’s arm nearly went out the open window during the roll.

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