"I saw a scooter with a key in it and nobody around."

It was a rather eventful weekend for Marc Marquez at the 2016 Dutch GP. During the Free Practice 3 session, he almost crashed in Turn 1 at the TT Circuit Assen, but thanks to his skills and just a bit of luck he managed to perform a superb save and did not fall off his motorcycle. As the video below shows, it was a very close call and according to the official MotoGP site, the airbag in Marquez’s suit deployed.

He wasn’t able to avoid an accident in Q2 during his first flying lap when he crashed after making a mistake in Turn 8. Without even checking his bike to see how badly it’s damaged, Marc Marquez hopped on a scooter that was parked on the service road. After the session, the Repsol Honda Team rider explained: “the marshals were a bit far away, and I saw a scooter with a key in it and nobody around. When I took it, I saw that it belonged to a photographer, but he let me go.”

At the end of the session, Marquez grabbed fourth place with a time of 1 minute and 46.430 seconds which wasn’t half bad considering his adventures during qualifying. In yesterday’s race, he crossed the finish line in second place, so overall it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all.

Source: MotoGP.com