Have your own piece of Sebastian Vettel motorsport history.

Sometimes life just gives you a slap in the face to remind you just how old you are. In this case, this slap came as we were researching Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel to discuss this new art print.

Like many of you, we’ve spent years watching the guy race on TV, watching him jump from top-tier team to top-tier team, all while having fun on a variety of our favorite TV programs. He had become such a familiar face, we assumed the guy to be almost an equal. A peer. Okay, not in terms of driving, but in terms of shared experiences and so forth.  During the research, the main thing that jumps out is the fact that Vettel joined the Red Bull Junior Team when he was just 11 years old. The year? 1998.

Sebastian Vettel became the youngest driver ever to take home a Formula 1 driver’s championship at 23. That happened back in 2010 – a time when most of us were still trying to figure out life at a much older age.

In 2015, Vettel officially joined the Ferrari F1 team – the home of his idol, Michael Schumacher. So a top-tier driver on the most iconic Formula 1 team, all by age 26. And on top of that, he gets to drive alongside the coolest guy in F1, Kimi Räikkönen. Again, 26 was a long, long time ago for some of us, but at least now we’ve got some hope. We have no chance to drive a Formula 1 car for Ferrari, we can at least dare to dream about one day being able to afford one. Hopefully 1980’s Ferrari Mondials won’t go up too much more in price.

One of Vettel's career highlights was that time when he took home the win in 2015 in Hungary marking an important motorsport milestone.

Sebastian Vettel won a classic race for Ferrari at the Hungaroring, achieving his 41st F1 victory, equaling the great Ayrton Senna for third-most F1 career wins. Sebastian dedicated his victory to the late Jules Bianchi who had passed away just nine days before the race, saying, “Merci Jules, you will always be in our hearts and we all know that sooner or later you would have been part of this team.

This win is celebrated in print form by artist Colin Carter, and as with some of the other prints we’ve shared, this one makes me wish we stuck it out in art school. This work, titled “Victory for Jules - Sebastian Vettel victory at 2015 Hungarian GP dedicated to Jules Bianchi” comes in at 90 x 70 cm and is limited to just 500 prints. Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and frankly, is just incredibly awesome.

Maybe if we apply ourselves, we can create some motorsports-inspired works of art one day. The great thing about art, unlike motorsport, as that there is no age limit for greatness. To check these prints out, click here.