As much we love all things petrol ‘round these parts, the truth is the general public is enamored with all things electric with the rising popularity of Tesla.

Since we get access press fleet vehicles, a common question we get asked is, “Did you ever drive a Tesla?” When we respond in the negative, the follow up question is always, “Well when will you get a Tesla?”

On a couple occasions, we’d drive something like the McLaren 675LT and still get asked “Cool car. When are you getting a Model S?”

So like it or not, electrics are coming due to public demand.

We have had our share of electric cars, driven a Chevy Spark EV, which was surprisingly fun. The Nissan Leaf felt like a big, fun golf cart. But we absolutely loved our time in the Cadillac ELR. Yeah, that last one is basically an expensive Chevrolet Volt, but damn if it didn't drive amazing.

Despite the growing acceptance of electric cars, we’ve not seen much in the way of electric motorcycles. Everything thus far has been either a concept-only, a race-spec machine for series like TT Zero, or a bicycle with lithium ion batteries attached. Well now it looks like proper electric motorcycles are ready for prime time.

The SORA by LITO is one such bike, bringing a lot of technically advanced features to a performance-minded machine. Built upon a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum space frame, the SORA mixes race-proven materials and high-power electrics to promise a ride like nothing else.

Sora Electric Superbike

Let’s get the performance specs out of the way first. This bike can run from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds on its way to a top speed of 118 mph. Total range is 120 miles per charge. A standard charge takes about nine hours to complete – so using one as a commuter is no problem as you’ll likely charge at home overnight. That said, if you have access to a quick charger, that time goes down to just three hours. Powering it all are 12 kWh lithium-polymer battery modules with an integrated Battery Management System.

Front brakes consist of dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs with radial-mount opposed four-piston calipers; rear brake is comprised of a 250 mm petal disc and single, opposed two-piston caliper. Regenerative braking capabilities are baked-in, helping you get more distance per charge. A fully adjustable suspension front and rear lets you dial this bike in to suit your own riding tastes. And maybe coolest of all, a keycard ignition helps you start the ride.

As with every other high-end electric vehicle, the SORA by LITO isn’t cheap. But for $77,000, it gives you something a whole lot cooler – and a whole lot more unique – than a Tesla Model S!

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