A crowd of Irishmen proved the exception to the rule this week, however, when they worked together to fix a damaged car.

According to the Daily Mail, a pack of green-clad, tchotchke-draped fans of the Republic of Ireland National Football Team were in Lyon, France cheering on the boys in green at the Euros football tournament. As they wandered the streets before the match against Italy, they came upon a parked car with a huge dent in the roof, seemingly caused by someone jumping on it or running across it. Since they were in such high spirits, i.e. drunk as lords, they set about showing the car's owner a little Irish hospitality.

At first, many of the friendly fans tried to stuff money through the tops of the car's doors and through cracked windows in an attempt to reimburse the owner for the damage. As they did so, other fans started banging their palms on the roof at the edges of the dent.

"Fix the car for the boys in green!" they chanted as they tried their best to help.

After a few seconds of banging and chanting, and with a little bit of the old luck of the Irish, the dent popped back out. A huge cheer went up from the crowd, and there was much jumping and singing and back-slapping as they celebrated their good-natured altruism. Later that day, Ireland went on to trounce Italy in an historic win that advanced them to the next round of the competition.