It sounds and looks absolutely brutal, no wonder it's restricted to the track.

Poland-based Arrinera has released some rather spectacular footage and images with its track beast, the Hussarya GT. The rear-wheel-drive machine was created at Warsaw’s Technical University for the FIA GT4 championship and here we see it on a very wet airfield in Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire, U.K. Despite the heavy rain, Arrinera wanted to demonstrate the prowess of its GT4 fighter which is motivated by a naturally-aspirated LS3 V8 sourced from General Motors.

Depending on application, the eight-cylinder engine can be tuned to deliver anywhere between 420 and 650 horsepower sent to the rear axle through a six-speed sequential transmission. If you’re still not impressed, we should point out the car only weighs 2,755 pounds (1,249 kg), so you can imagine the performances are as impressive as you would expect from a GT4 race car.

Arrinera isn’t saying who was behind the wheel of that particular Hussayra GT, but surely that was a very skilled driver capable to tame the race car on such horrible road conditions and do it at respectable speeds.

Arrinera has the car on display these days at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and wants to make 2-3 units each year at $185,000-ish a pop. The specialty marque has also created a road-going model, but it’s not available just yet. Perhaps more details will be revealed in the coming days at the hill climb event.

Source: Arrinera

Gallery: Arrinera Hussarya GT at Bruntingthorpe