The idea for Zercado mirrors were borne of a negative experience suffered by designer Bartosz Ambrożkiewicz. After a motorcycle accident he determined that the incident could have been avoided if he had had better spacial awareness and wider rear vision.

Working with a small team, Ambrożkiewicz developed mirrors that use a smartphone or miniature sensors placed in a jacket to detect the rider’s body position and adjust accordingly.

Company develops mirrors that adjust to rider position

Zercado claims that its aspherical mirror surface “eliminates blind spots” and vastly improves rearward vision. The mirrors also incorporate lights to coordinate with the bike’s turn signals.

The mirrors are reportedly compatible with most sport and naked motorcycles. The design has won a number of awards, including the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015.

Zercado is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon. The company offers no clues as to when the mirrors might be made available to riders but states that it expects them to cost roughly $250.

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