HTT's hyperloop could use augmented reality windows; Hyperloop One is ready to move stuff.

By: Sebastian Blanco

It's not enough that there are two competing companies working to turn the low-pressure, high-speed Hyperloop idea to reality. When news from each of them comes our at roughly the same time, it's easy enough to lump them together. So, well, guilty as charged.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (not Hyperloop One) has published a new video showing how it might give hyperloop riders a glimpse "outside" the pod using giant screens that look like windows. The screens will use face-tracking technology to make sure that it appears like you're really looking out a glass window. HTT CEO Dirk Albhon talked about the windows at SxSW Interactive in March, where he said, "These screens use head tracking to see where you're looking and, based on your position, we are actually manipulating the image so that you have the same feeling as looking out the window. And we are working on ways that multiple people can be looking out the same window." Speaking of looking out, the company also has some renderings of what the inside of the pods might look like (see gallery below). HTT's hyperloop might be like airplane, just smaller.

Meanwhile, Hyperloop One (not Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) has made a deal in Russia to potentially build a hyperloop track near Moscow. The plans also include the big industrial conglomerate Summa Group – which already owns oil pipelines and ports – but the overall Russia idea is much bigger. Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar said that the real future is to use the Hyperloop as a new Silk Road for shipping that could move freight containers from Asia to Europe in 24 hours.