Data suggests the pitstop only took 1.89 seconds.

Williams has revealed that its record-equalling pit stop at the European Grand Prix was actually faster than official timing claims.

The Grove-based outfit matched Red Bull’s all-time record from 2013 with a 1.92 seconds stop for Felipe Massa in Baku last weekend.

However, analysis conducted by the team at its factory from in-car data has revealed that the stop was in reality slightly quicker.

The data suggests that the pitstop time was actually 1.89 seconds – which lifts it slightly clear of Red Bull’s best effort.

ln his column for, Massa said that his team was not yet satisfied that it had reached the peak and was targeting going even quicker.

“Last year we were not one of the quickest teams to change tyres, due to a problem in the phase of the stop involving unscrewing the wheel nut that had overheated out on track,” he said.

“Over the winter months, the team invested heavily in both equipment and in preparation of the staff who conduct the pitstops.

"The result has been some really exceptional performances – but we think there is time to be found. The team is still working to improve!”

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