Lapo Elkann is a descendant of Fiat's co-founder, and his firm Garage Italia Customs specializes in adding a custom design flair to the automaker's products. For the company's latest work, it brings a fashion-inspired look to the 500C for Diesel founder Renzo Rosso.

Called the 555RR, the one-off attempts to evoke a “spirit of rock,” but that's a hard style to pull off on just a jolly, little car. While the effect doesn't pop in these photos, Garage Italia Customs gives the 500C extra bling by using black paint with silver glitter in it. The Swarovski crystals framing the front and rear lights are more obvious, though. To play off these shiny elements, the company paints a matte black stripe over the hood and down the hatch. The crimson trim on the front bumper and around the wheels helps break up the rest of the exterior's dark demeanor.

Inside, Garage Italia Customs makes specific references to Diesel's products. There's black denim on the door panels and the gear lever cover to evoke the firm's jeans. In a nod to its biker jackets, black Foglizzo leather covers the seats and headliner; plus, a zipper runs above the glove compartment on the passenger’s side. For a pop of color, the shift knob is bright red. The white letters on top spell out “Enjoy” and have Rosso's monogram R on them.

The tuning house doesn't discuss any powertrain changes. However, we hope this custom has a diesel engine. It would only be appropriate given the client.

Source: Garage Italia Customs

Gallery: Fiat 500C by Garage Italia Customs for Renzo Rosso

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Diesel style and spirit of rock meet the Maestros from Garage Italia Customs to create the 555RR, a unique specimen of the Fiat 500 made to measure for Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel and chairman of OTB Group.

The 555RR is a tailor-made project by Garage Italia Customs, the creative hub of Lapo Elkann.

Based on the latest version of the Fiat 500 Convertible, the 555RR strikes the eye with its special shiny black paintwork with silver glitter, which gives the body a unique lustre.

Matte/shiny effect Swarovski crystals frame the front and rear lights: this striking chromatic dualism is further emphasized by the central band along the hood and hatch, painted matte black. Red, on the other hand, is the colour of the detailing on the front bumper grill, the edges of the alloy rims and the hubcaps bearing the Garage Italia Customs logo.

In the interior, the specialist artisans at Garage Italia Customs have evoked the world of Diesel by making the seats like a made to measure suit.

The central seat is lined with black lozenge-patterned Foglizzo leather in a seriously elegant style perfectly matching the black denim details on the side panels and the Foglizzo Lord leather used for the whole of the seat, and is characterized by an extremely smooth finish that’s beautifully soft to the touch. Lastly, on the sides, a nice rock touch is produced by pleated leather on the outside edges and leather lacing details used as lateral stitching.

Further allusions to the leather biker are made on the dashboard, which features a zip above the glove compartment on the passenger side and a tongue identical to one we see in the jacket detailing.

Denim, the fabric representing the soul of the brand, is used on the door panel armrests and the gear lever cover. The lever itself has a new red pommel on which, instead of the traditional gears, we see a series of letters that spell out “Enjoy”, a word always accompanying Renzo Rosso’s signature. The whole of the ceiling is lined with black lozenge-patterned Foglizzo leather.

“Renzo Rosso and I are good friends and we’ve worked on various business projects in recent years. To be able to produce a car for him was a pleasure, an honour, and above all a great satisfaction. This particular project brought together two Italian specialists: Diesel in fashion and Garage Italia Customs in car customization. I’m proud of the result achieved by my Maestros, who were able to create a car that’s a perfect synthesis of Diesel’s style and rock spirit, exactly what Renzo asked me for.” - Lapo Elkann

"Into this project I put all the details that are true Diesel expressions and today, thanks to this project, the same personalization can be bought by anyone wanting this particular customization for their car. It has been amazing to work with Lapo and his team without any limit to my creativity! I hope I will have soon other opportunities to work together for other exclusives projects.” Renzo Rosso 


Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle company, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing and accessories. Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Despite its growth, Diesel’s philosophy has remained the same: a brand standing for passion, individuality and self-expression.



The main aim of Garage Italia Customs is to place its clients and their creative requirements back “in the spotlight”, in a world that has been more and more standardised and where number prevails over subjectivity.

Just as a tailor-made outfit follows the lines of the body harmoniously, Garage Italia Customs aims at making any vehicle unique, be it a car, a motorbike, a plane, a helicopter or a yacht. It re-elaborates the clients’ very wishes with a tailor-made service that involves the study of detail, balance of the components and research of materials. The équipe working at Garage Italia Customs is made up of the team that created the Tailor Made service for Ferrari and the best technicians specialised in the automotive sector, specifically in the field of wrapping, painting and upholstery of interiors. They are the “Maestros”, as Lapo Elkann himself defines them, and their unique skills are of absolute excellence in this work. The “Maestros” are backed up by the Style Centre, which is the pulsating heart of all the activities. It is a meeting place for the design team, where the ideas and dreams of clients intersect with the aesthetic taste of the experts of the Garage. Here, the abstract concepts are elaborated into digital images by use of the most modern technologies. The clients are guided in the choice of the right chromatic combinations and the most refined materials; their taste and needs are respected. While waiting to move to Piazzale Accursio, the Garage Italia Customs operative headquarters are located at 1 Alfredo Pizzoni street, Milan.