Taxis around the world are a bit on the boring side, but not the ones on the Nurburgring.

Far from being the ordinary taxi, the 200-mph cat can now be booked at the Nurburgring where professional drivers will take you around the famous 12.94-mile track. It is part of the new “Jaguar Co-Pilot Nordschleife” program which allows people to ride shotgun for half an hour in the most hardcore version of the F-Type ever, the mighty SVR.

Before you hop into the passenger seat, you’ll be asked to put on a race suit and helmet as well as a HANS (Head and Neck Support) system for safety purposes. You have to be at least 18 years old to book the Jaguar F-Type SVR and it will set you back €295 (about $335). For your money’s worth, there will also be a safety briefing and the chance to check out the footage after the ride comes to an end.

The 575-hp F-Type will be available during the following 16 weekends until the end of October. If you would rather be on the driver’s seat, prepare to fork out $129,950 in United States for the coupe while at home in the U.K. it carries a starting price of £110,000 OTR.

In return you’ll get an all-wheel-drive supercar that runs to 60 mph (96 kph) in three and a half seconds and tops out at 200 mph (322 kph). For open-top thrills, there's also a convertible version, but that one is more expensive and a tad slower due to its slightly higher weight.

Jaguar will kick off customer deliveries of the F-Type SVR in both coupe and convertible flavors this summer.

Source: Jaguar

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