The person trades the game's Lotus Esprit lookalike for a Volvo XC90.

The driver of this Volvo XC90 near Marijampolės, Lithuania, might be a fan of the 1980s arcade classic Spy Hunter. Like in the game, this person is ready to evade pursuers by deploying a smoke screen. Unfortunately, the motorist in this case is using the gadgets against the police rather than to foil the bad guys. As opposed to Spy Hunter's oil slick, the Volvo also deploys caltrops to shred the cop's tires. The SUV doesn't have the game's missile, though, which is a very good thing. 

The cop's camera showed that the smoke screen effectively obscured the Volvo, but the gas also made it incredibly easy to see where the SUV was going. The caltrops also didn't appear to be very effective because the officer didn't end the chase. The police remained in pursuit until some smart driving let them get in front of the XC90 and pinned the vehicle against a railing. When the authorities eventually yanked the perpetrator out of the vehicle, we would have hoped Spy Hunter's chiptune version of the Peter Gunn theme was blaring from the stereo. Like in the arcade, this run inevitably ends in a crash, and in real life there's no way to put in more quarters to try again.

Source: Lietuvos policija