If you forgot Father's Day and are in a pinch for a last minute gift idea, there's a unique Scorpion art car up for sale on eBay.

Originally created for Burning Man, the one-off model is based on a 1991 International boom truck and reportedly cost $225,000 to construct.

Nicknamed Fluffy, the truck was built to resemble a female emperor scorpion and it measures 55 feet long, 22-45 feet wide, and 39-45 feet tall.  The model also has computer controlled flame throwers and 21 hydraulic points which make the arms, legs, and claws move in a "sinister spider manner."  Other highlights include multi-colored LED lights, textured fabrics, and steam punk inspired rivets.

While the Scorpion runs and drives, it is not street legal.  As a result, it must be transported to events on the back of a semi truck with oversized load precautions due to its width.

Bidding is currently at $50,000 and the auction is scheduled to wrap up later this week.

Check out the eBay listing for additional pictures and videos

Source: eBay via The Verge