Camo seems to be hiding a baby Talisman body.

Renault launched the Fluence in the second half of 2009 as a more affordable sedan alternative to the Megane III hatchback. The model was not engineered to be on par with the Megane, but looking at these spy shots, that could change with the new generation. Spotted carrying the production body, the Fluence successor has those fancy LED “Pure Vision” headlights while inside the cabin the car was fitted with a head up display.

Both goodies are being offered as optional equipment on the new Megane IV and it seems the Fluence’s replacement will have them as well. While that doesn’t necessarily mean the new model will effectively be a Megane Sedan, the spy images do reveal Renault has plans to push the model more upmarket and consequently increase its price.

2016 Renault Fluence spy photo
2016 Renault Fluence spy photo

Photos of the interior cabin are not available in this batch, although in some of the images you can partially see the dashboard and it does seem to resemble the fourth-gen Megane. This is yet another clue the next Fluence will borrow hardware from the compact hatchback for the new generation which could be renamed to signal the model’s more upscale image. The same thing happened with the Laguna midsize sedan as it made the switch to the Talisman moniker.

Taking into account the prototype appears to have most of the production bits, it means an official reveal will likely occur soon. Renault could decide to introduce the Fluence replacement in early October at the Paris Motor Show and have it on sale before the year’s end. It will be interesting to see whether the car will spawn a beefier GT version as it was the case with the Megane hatchback and wagon. However, it will only happen if the model spied here will actually be a sedan derivative of the Megane IV.

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