Felipe Massa says he hopes that all drivers 'behave' themselves during the European Grand Prix to avoid the chaos that marred the GP2 race in Baku on Saturday.

The challenging nature of the new Baku circuit – allied to the high speeds and slipstreaming nature of the long start/finish straight – has teed up what Massa believes will be one of the most difficult races of the season.

And with the GP2 feature race witnessing a spate of crashes, lock-ups and incidents, Massa is hoping that there is not similar kind of trouble in the F1 race.

"I hope everybody will behave well – which didn't happen in GP2," explained Massa. "It can be the same in F1 sometimes also, but I hope everybody behaves well."

Difficult race

Massa is well aware that there is huge potential for trouble because of the twisty city section of the track and the huge top speeds being witnessed on the main straight.

This delivered a huge slipstream effect in GP2, and could be poised to trigger close action in the F1 race too.

"The straight is really long so the slipstream will be massive," he said. "Corner one is not easy, and it will be easy to have a mistake or maybe you try to brake late to go straight or you crash into somebody.

"Plus when you have a restart, the tyres will be really cold and it will be difficult with the cold tyres.

"We have seen with GP2 after the last restart, everybody locked the tyres in corner one, everything was happening because of the tyres being cold, so we can have a similar issue."

He added: "The problem is that this track the grip level is very low and the wall is there, so it is so easy to lock the wheels, so easy to lose the braking, go straight, controlling and fighting with somebody else.

"The low grip is more difficult – so for sure it will be the most difficult race."

Source: Motorsport.com

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