More ark than off-roader.

A passion for woodworking and classic Jeeps has led to one owner to create this bizarrely beautiful CJ-5 with a wooden body.

Little is known about this particular model but the Jeep's steel body has been replaced with a wooden one that remains pretty faithful to the original.  The owner didn't stop there as many other components - including the fender flares, side steps, and hood - are also constructed out of wood.  The roll bar and bumpers also appear to be made out of wood so let's hope this particular CJ doesn't get into an accident anytime soon.

The wooden theme continues in the cabin as the model boasts a wood dashboard and handcrafted wood seats which look amazing but probably aren't too comfortable.  We can also see a wooden storage box and a fixed windshield.

This 1960's CJ isn't the only Jeep with an untraditional body as the company is putting the finishing touches on an all-new Wrangler which will have an assortment of lightweight aluminum body components.  The model is slated to be offered with two different engines including a new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder Hurricane unit that produces around 300 horsepower.

Source: YouTube via Road & Track