The track-only coupe doesn't comply with the rules for any specific racing series, so McLaren has the freedom to go wild.

If you’re lusting after a track-only McLaren but don’t want to spend the cash for a 650S Sprint or P1 GTR, then keep an eye on the debut of the 570S Sprint at next weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. McLaren has just released two teaser photos depicting the upcoming model’s curvaceous rear fenders.

McLaren is still keeping specific details about the 570S Sprint a secret, but these photos suggest it has a similar high-downforce bodykit as the 570S GT4, which is also a track-only model. Where the two differ is that the Sprint doesn’t comply with the rules of any specific race series. We get the impression McLaren is using the additional freedom to boost the stock 3.8-liter biturbo V8’s 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. The company promises, “power and torque levels have been optimised to ensure the ultimate levels of driver engagement … and the best levels of noise, too, as visitors to Goodwood will soon hear.”

McLaren will have two examples of the 570S Sprint for people to ogle at Goodwood. The brand will keep one in private at its site for the festival, but the other will run up the hillclimb in front of the crowd.

Source: McLaren


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