Making the scene while keeping your slippers clean.

On one hand, we don’t quite get the sneaker-collector mentality. Shoes are meant to be worn, not kept in climate-controlled boxes and gazed upon only under the right amount of non-UV lighting.

But in today’s car-modifying scene, the right pair of kicks is needed to really complete the effect. Is your Civic hella flush and rocking one of the only Pandem kits in the U.S.? Well, no one will really care unless they see you get out of the thing in the latest Yeezys. Same goes for the higher-end crowd, the guys with Liberty Walk Ferraris – all of whom feel the need to rep UNDFTD more so than the companies that actually sponsored their cars.

But if you’re driving your limited-edition whip from show to show, you don’t want to scuff your custom Nike IDs on the carbon-fiber tub of your McLaren. So how can you keep things looking right at the next car show? This Sneaker Duffel from The Shrine can help.

Coming straight outta San Francisco, The Shrine aims to help guys travel in style. The gear is carry-on-sized, rugged, and designed to keep you and your shoes looking fresh. Constructed of durable nylon, the Sneaker Duffel features two large pockets designed to keep your sneakers safe while traveling. Those pockets can hold up to a size 18 shoe, so even the larger kicks are taken care of. That center pocket can hold about three outfits, making it perfect for that weekend trip to Wekfest – so you can drop in and get your scene points without the need to put miles on your imported Skyline GT-R.

And if you’re a regular traveler who doesn’t care much about keeping your  Air Jordans protected, just use the Sneaker Duffel to carry your work loafers – or even a pair of driving shoes – when you take that next business trip.
We’ll be searching for a pair of Nike SB low top dunks to match these bags. In the meantime, you can score one of these bags for yourself by clicking here.

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