Jerry Seinfeld created a hit with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee because of the show's broad appeal. Even if people don't care about the classic vehicles he drives, they might get a laugh out of his conversations with funny people. The Web series is now back for its eighth season, and Seinfeld kicks things by cruising around with Jim Gaffigan in a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, which is complete with a Westfalia popup camper.

Rather than taking the VW into the woods for camping, the guys drive around Manhattan's urban jungle. Gaffigan doesn't seem to enjoy the ride, though. He marvels at how short the bus' front end is and figures that it's not very safe. He also describes the interior as "antiquey," but the comedian has a good point there. This van is definitely a product of the '70s because of the green plaid seats and wood paneling. The Westfalia package also adds a stove inside, but the guys don't attempt any cooking. 

Seinfeld and Gaffigan talk more about comedy than focus on the VW. They find a lot to discuss, and the topics run from their opinions on strip clubs to Gaffigan describing opening for Pope Francis during the Pontiff's trip to the United States. They eventually arrive at a diner to continue the conversation over coffee and what are apparently heavenly pastrami sandwiches.

The teaser trailer for the eighth season shows there are more exciting vehicles on the way. We're especially looking forward to seeing Jerry behind the wheel of a Mazda Cosmo with Margaret Cho and driving a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Saturday Night Live boss Lorne Michaels.