Maybe. Maybe not. Here's how it might look like.

Autocar’s November 2012 issue revealed a plethora of new Land Rover models due to come out before the end of the decade. Among those new entries was a so-called “baby Evoque,” and last year the same publication said a tiny crossover to slot below the Evoque was “gathering momentum internally at Land Rover.” We still don’t know whether it will actually happen, but seeing as how crossovers and SUVs now come in all sizes, we won’t be too surprised if it will.

Here’s how our colleagues at see the sub-Evoque model: a three-door-only, coupe-ish crossover obviously with a smaller footprint than the regular Evoque which is 172.1 inches (4371 mm) long. If Jaguar Land Rover does have plans to shrink the Evoque, the new high-riding model will have roughly the same size as Audi’s recently introduced Q2, although Ingolstadt’s petite crossover is a five-door-only affair.

Only time will tell whether JLR is really planning to go below the Evoque, and above it, taking into account there have been some rumors concerning an Evoque XL / Grand Evoque. Many premium automakers are diversifying their crossover and SUV offerings, so don't say we didn't warn you. Keep in mind the British are already working on a new Range Rover model which will take the shape of a “crossover coupe” to fight the Germans.


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