Dashcam videos with crashes were all the rage a couple of years ago and it seems people are still making compilations, this time around with BMW X6s in Russia. Regardless if it’s the first or second generation, the X6 is not one of the prettiest models to come out of Bavaria, but in some countries (such as Russia) the crossover coupe is quite popular among the rich folks.

Saying that all Russian drivers and BMW owners are bad would be wrong, but those numerous dashcam clips we’ve seen over the last few years have shown the Russian driver + BMW combo is in many cases dangerous. Case in point, the attached video from AvtoCrashTV shows the X6 at the forefront of most crashes, but to be fair, the BMW drivers are not at fault in all of the accidents presented in the compilation.

To our surprise, someone thought it would be a good idea to take the 2.2-ton X6 rallying, but at the 1:30 mark you’ll see it ended with a nasty crash and a rollover. Right after that accident there’s a brutal one which we find hard to understand since the X6 driver did not brake at all. It simply crashed into the car in front which was standing still, taking out in the process a couple of other vehicles that were about to cross the intersection.

All things considered, there seems to be pattern with BMW X6s driven by Russians, so the next time you’re in Putin’s country, you’d better watch out for the hunchback-shaped SUV.